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Our First Hack Club Initiative

Abhinav Keswani January 12, 2013

Hack club. A simple name for an audacious initiative when we down all our project work to focus purely on creativity and that which interests us as individuals. Dan and I chose to do this because we want to do the best thing by our team, and this kind of thing gives everyone some breathing room to explore and expand their horizons amongst their team members during work time.

Over two days, we saw some interesting things done. One of our non developers worked through tutorials, and realised how much more he can do to improve his communication with our clients, and his development team within Trineo. We explored testing frameworks in Salesforce, SAML and SSO using Salesforce, and tried to port an in-house Salesforce based timesheet app to a mobile interface using HTML5 and jQueryMobile.

Our bespoke team worked on iOS and Android apps, hacking apps that help kids to read. Java frameworks were explored for development of an Abalone boardgame. We explored the toolchain needed to develop interesting things using a Kinect, and last but certainly not least developed an HTML5 based app which uses a webcam to monitor the state of nearby traffic lights to give the team a heads up as to the optimal time to start walking to our favourite local cafe!

We start our hack club on a Thursday morning with a team standup - where everyone states what they are working on. As of Friday at 4pm, we individually showcase our work, and talk through our impressions and what we learnt. Then ... its off to the pub!

Nice work all round. Thoroughly enjoyed, and everyone is keen for more...

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav has methodically honed his experience on multi-tiered technology solutions for a wide range of organizations. He always seeks out business value and enjoys bringing a complete perspective to collaboration with our clients. You can also find him on an MTB trail or climbing at the crag.