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RPA Gets a Trauma Mobile App

Jon Kenny February 27, 2014

Early in 2013 we were offered an opportunity to provide a proposal to build a mobile application for the Trauma Services Team at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) in Sydney. For those not familiar with RPA it is one of the biggest emergency rooms in the Southern hemisphere and subject of the RPA television show. The Trauma Services team are the nurses and doctors that take care of you if you’re involved in a serious accident. In the trauma bays at RPA they genuinely deal with life and death situations. Naturally we jumped at the opportunity to be involved with an innovative project at such a well known, respected and important institution.
Funding for the app was provided by a grant from the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA). In order to receive the grant the Trauma Services Team with support from Trineo submitted a proposal to the MAA which was approved.

The aim of the app is to put trauma related policies and procedures in the hands of doctors and nurses when they need it. Information is delivered in two ways. There is a section of the app which contains a largely text based set of guidelines taken from the RPA Trauma handbook, a series of calculators and a trauma timer.

During development of the app I was given the opportunity to see where the timer is to be used. For somebody who doesn't cope well in hospital environments there aren’t many worse places you could find yourself than the trauma bay of a major hospital while a trauma is taking place. These are the lengths we like to go to at Trineo to understand our clients.

Since the app was released feedback has been positive. The criteria for the 2014 MAA grants specifically encourage applicants to include smartphone apps in their proposals. I’m told this reference was not included in the 2013 criteria. We are now looking into useful additions to the apps for this year.

Jon Kenny