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Celebrating a long standing partnership

Abhinav Keswani October 17, 2014

At the tail end of another immense week at Dreamforce, today I presented alongside my peer and colleague Thiago Figueiró, the VP of Production Operations and Engineering at Westfield Labs. (See our talk here.)

It was quite a proud moment as we described the result of our long term partnership with Westfield Labs and the stellar efforts of our combined teams.

Our session at Dreamforce focused on the work done to carefully and incrementally migrate services (data APIs) from a colocated environment to Heroku.

We talked about three increasingly complicated scenarios, and worked through three useful tools we used to undertake this task. Broadly, we worked through learning about subtle traps by taking baby steps forward, identity management and access control (SAML and OAuth2), routing, caching, our deployment dashboard and tackling the development of a new API which is to operate at mass scale: our metadata API.

Our work alongside Westfield Labs is also recognised on the Westfield Heroku Customer story. Check it out. 

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav has methodically honed his experience on multi-tiered technology solutions for a wide range of organizations. He always seeks out business value and enjoys bringing a complete perspective to collaboration with our clients. You can also find him on an MTB trail or climbing at the crag.