Trineo's Fifth Birthday: We've Come a Long Way

Neil Hamilton February 17, 2015

The team at Trineo recently celebrated our fifth birthday.

We’ve come a long way since Abhinav and Dan starting working together in a broom-cupboard in Christchurch what seems like a millenium or two ago. We now have just under thirty staff in four cities in three countries, and operate as one virtual team to service the needs of our global client-base. For the most part this works really well and we have some great tools that promote collaboration across our locations, but there are also times when we feel the geographic spread more keenly, particularly when we have something to celebrate. It’s at such times that it’d be good to come together in a single location for a beer or several.

We do get together as a company once a year, and in between times staff often move between offices, either for short visits, or for longer stints, but simultaneous virtual beer and pizza across different time zones at other times of year is kinda’ hard to achieve! Instead we’ve had four smaller celebrations at different times on roughly the same day.

Culture and team-spirit are strange, ethereal things, but software development remains a people-game and at times it’s hard to reproduce the vibe and camaraderie that good, old-fashioned face-to-face contact brings. So as we graduate from kindergarten and head to ‘proper-school’ it’s in the knowledge that there is huge upside to our geographic expansion, but that it also comes at a cost.

...or in ‘emoji-speak’ ...Trineo’s birthday was cause for a lot of smiley faces, but some slightly sad ones too.

Thanks as always to our customers and partners for all the support you’ve shown us over the last five years, and a sincere note of thanks to our stellar team for all the smart and hard work you put in...

Neil Hamilton