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June 8th

Author – Abhinav Keswani

We're looking for two intermediate to senior developers to join the team at Trineo, based in Boulder, Colorado.

For the right individuals we'd entertain remote working, however you would have to commit to at least 6 months of work onsite initially with our Boulder based team.

Humbly, we're a highly capable team of user experience & design, backend / frontend development and data specialists. Every day we wrangle complex data brokering, consumer/employee identity and system integration on the web at scale to deliver effortless user experience through performance and sublime aesthetics.

We work for customers all over the world and alongside Boulder we have offices in Christchurch, Auckland and Sydney.

Trineo is and will always be a small team. If you'd care to know why, please read the credo in the opening lines of

We're not looking for gurus, rock stars or ninjas. We're interested in working with level headed people who operate with a sense of confidence, humility and humour.

So what is a intermediate to senior developer? Simply put - you should apply patterns, use maxims and be contextually driven [1]. You should have a mature outlook and be motivated to improve the overall skill level of the team. You should not look for credit - instead you should find deep satisfaction in watching the people around you flourish. You should confidently make choices based on known facts, and be comfortable that these choices may require rework in the future - nobody has a crystal ball [2]. You should be objective and be wary of the latest shiny.

Communication is king. We believe that the modern developer needs to write great code, and be highly articulate. Why? So as to maintain deep awareness of the domain and motivation of those that sanction the creation of software.

FOSS contribution - we're keen to work with those who contribute to open source projects.

  • Development: Ruby, Rails, Rack apps, Go, Javascript, Webpack, React, CSS/SASS, HTML.
  • Data: Postgres, Redis.
  • Testing: Rspec, Capybara, Mocha, Expect, Karma, CircleCI, BrowserStack.
  • Infrastructure - a strong understanding of cloud platforms: Heroku, AWS componentry and a decent handle on Unix.
  • Methodologies: agile development, continuous integration, test driven development, Git.

Feel free to get in touch if you come from a background using other technologies like Java, C, C#, ASP.NET. We regularly debate the inclusion and use of languages and technologies outside of the set documented above. We would certainly benefit from the wider experience you may bring to the team.

If you prefer to focus on frontend or backend - let us know.

  • Expertise in these areas would be beneficial but not mandatory:
  • Service Oriented and Monolithic Architecture (when to choose what)
  • Identity Management (Authentication and Authorization for the federated masses)
  • Sumo wrestling robots, and an interest in hardware (or something else you wish to replace this with).
  • Culinary prowess.

Salary: we pay well, and the salary depends on the individual.

Benefits: we have a comprehensive benefits package which includes generous Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance, a free Eco Pass, Simple IRA option, generous PTO, flexibility, bi-weekly in house massage and the opportunity to travel to global Trineo offices. Depending on how our company performs we bring all our employees together in Queenstown, New Zealand for our end of year/Christmas party. We’ve made this happen 4 years in a row. Oh and we have a great location on Pearl (west) with Flatiron views from our deck.

Contact Abhinav via email on 'ak (at) trineo (dot) com'. Please include a brief introduction, your github profile and a resume

[1] On Being a Senior Engineer

[2] If you do have one of these, we need to talk.


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