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June 26th

Author – John Masson

The Role

We operate our projects in Trineo-Client “product” teams that are responsible for the execution of our client’s product strategy/roadmap. The team is composed of:

A client side product owner and manager and the Trineo team which may include –

  • Our UX team
  • A Project/Product Manager
  • A frontend development lead
  • A backend development lead
  • Members of the development team
  • A strategic consultant, highly likely to be one of the company’s co-founders or principal consultants

This role is to fill the backend / frontend lead role in the team above. We typically have no less than 4 developers on any given project, and we rotate our team periodically for diversity, exposure to different domains and developing depth in our squad.

Seniority is a difficult thing to quantify. Simply put - you should apply patterns, use maxims and be contextually driven [1].

Communication is everything. We believe that the modern developer needs to write great code and be highly articulate. Why? So as to maintain deep awareness of the domain and the motivation of those that sanction the creation of software.

FOSS contribution - we're keen to work with those who contribute to open source projects.

While many of us are capable frontend and backend developers, we recognise that some prefer to specialise in one layer. If you prefer to focus on frontend or backend - let us know.

Typically we adhere to Scrum based agile delivery, continuous integration, test driven development and we use Git.

Your skills and experience

You have a mature outlook and are motivated to improve the overall skill level of the team, both because this contributes to the greater good and you know it makes your job easier. Rather than seeking credit, you find deep satisfaction in watching the people around you flourish. You confidently make choices based on known facts, while understanding that these choices may require rework in the future - nobody has a crystal ball [2]. You are pragmatic and incorporate change where it demonstrates value to your process and to the team/customer/client experience.

We love to have a good laugh and so do you. Our team works best with people that combine an easy going approach with focus, skill and tenacity.

You’re interested in leading the evolution of Trineo’s engineering offering and practice. This will involve peer review, advising the broader business, guiding development teams, evaluating our processes and tools and generally steering the course of how we bring a highly effective and complete offering to life for our clients.

The typical stack we work with is as follows. We want you to have years of experience in most of the technologies mentioned below (not necessarily all):

Development: Ruby, Rails, Rack apps, Go, Javascript, Webpack, React, CSS/SASS, HTML. Data: Postgres, Redis. Testing: Rspec, Capybara, Mocha, Expect, Karma, Jest, CircleCI, BrowserStack. Infrastructure - a strong understanding of cloud platforms: Heroku, AWS componentry and a decent handle on Unix.

Expertise in these areas would be beneficial but not mandatory:

  • Microservice and Monolithic Architecture (when to choose what)
  • Identity Management (Authentication and Authorisation for the federated masses)
  • An interest in hardware or IOT
  • Podcast recommendations!

About Trineo

Trineo is and will always be a small team. If you'd care to know why, please read the credo in the opening lines of We're not looking for gurus, rock stars or ninjas. We're interested in working with level headed people who operate with a sense of confidence, humility and humour.

Humbly, we're a highly capable team with expertise in building tools that drive value for businesses around the world. Every day we wrangle complex problems in data brokering, consumer/employee identity management and system integration on the web. Our projects deliver these at scale and provide effortless user experience through snappy performance, sublime interactions and engaging interface design.

Trineo started purely focused on engineering, but we have grown into a team offering engineering excellence, product strategy/execution and strategic consulting. We’re known for our ability to ship valuable work into production in complex and challenging environments.

We may be small in number but our dynamic team are found in offices in the US (Boulder), New Zealand (Christchurch and Auckland) and Australia (Sydney).

[1] On Being a Senior Engineer

[2] If you do have one of these, we need to talk.


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