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People over Profit

Abhinav Keswani May 9, 2019

A simple principle that has carried us a long way and will continue to do so, is to focus on People above everything else. We're motivated to do the right thing, by those around us. This means our people, our client community, our local community and really everyone we interact with.

Today, I write to share the news that we are elevating our focus on People.

I'd like to introduce you all to our first Chief People Officer, Josh Ashton.

For a humble crew, with humble beginnings and steady path, having someone like Josh join us is a massive coup. His presence is already making an impact and we've only just begun, what is by all indications, a tremendous collaboration to further develop our stance that People matter most.

At the outset, Josh and I met over coffee - where I sought his very kind assistance in helping Trineo to find someone to head up our People Experience team. What happened during and after the first conversation is best summed up by Josh himself.

"What I came to learn about the mission, vision, team, values, and business was very compelling. Throughout each conversation the vast amount of head nodding that occurred as we spoke about how to run and build a company who cares for and prioritizes people over profits was undeniable. So the decision to morph into an actual candidate and join the company felt very natural, organic, a perfect fit."

So we call it People Experience (PX) at Trineo and we've got people in various places, with diverse backgrounds, contributing in many ways. This means we have a duty of care and leadership that spans borders, cultures, faith, gender. Our perspective is to work with the simplest principles and establish real engagement through an alignment of values and culture.

Once more, as Josh says ...

"Our PX team’s core purpose is to ensure we have an organization where everyone can be their most authentic self, and do their best work. We do this by creating an environment where we value each team member’s unique skills and background, we foster teamwork and collaboration, we incorporate our values into the day-to-day (but in a very intrinsic way), we constantly seek alignment and involvement, and empower you with the knowledge and tools to master your craft to open up future career paths."

I have a lofty title, but I'm just one of the Trineo gang. I take nothing about this journey for granted and it feels like we have just set another significant milestone in Trineo's journey.

Welcome on board Mr Ashton. Let's go have some fun with this ...

Josh with our stellar team in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Josh with our stellar team in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav has methodically honed his experience on multi-tiered technology solutions for a wide range of organizations. He always seeks out business value and enjoys bringing a complete perspective to collaboration with our clients. You can also find him on an MTB trail or climbing at the crag.