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Introducing something new...SFDC Academy by Trineo

Dan Fowlie April 2, 2020


For a while now we’ve been wanting to introduce a new offering to our Salesforce practice that breaks our traditional mo[u]ld.

The desire came from the repeated observation that sometimes the most valuable thing we can do for a customer is to share our historical perspective and contextual advice. This advice might take minutes to deliver but saves vast sums of money by avoiding making bad choices. More tactically customers might just need to get “unstuck” so they can carry on a journey themselves.

As such, we’re thrilled to introduce a new Trineo initiative called SFDC Academy, a new approach to customer success on the Salesforce platform. This is an education portal for Salesforce Admins to learn tips and tricks whilst navigating a growing and complex ecosystem. 

Ideally, this is for companies that have a Salesforce Admin internally who is capable of doing the doing but would benefit from guidance on the what and how. Our aim is to support these customers through Content, Community and Customi[sz]ation.

  • Content - a library of how-to screencasts
  • Community - a slack org where customers can interact with us but also crucially each other.
  • Customiz[s]ation - a weekly group Zoom call where customers can get their specific questions answered.

As part of this initiative, we are launching a new live stream series of “Ask Me Anything” webinars beginning this month (please register HERE). Our Salesforce experts will answer all your questions alongside a rotating panel of the industry’s finest from our community of partners, brands and Salesforce executives alike. 

Given the global situation with COVID-19, we really want to offer our expertise to as many people as possible and help organiz[s]ations meet the requirements to minimiz[s]e disruption to their businesses.

We hope you find this valuable and look forward to hearing from you on the webinar! 

Dan Fowlie

Dan Fowlie

With more than a decade in the ecosystem, Dan lives and breathes Salesforce. He applies business acumen to client challenges to come up with solutions that extracts the most value out of the platform. Outside of work, Dan embraces "Kaizen" and likes to hack his day to day life as much as possible.