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Customer Success: Express Applications for COVID Testing Application

EJ Guren June 25, 2020

Express prototype for rapid point-of-care testing applications

These are unprecedented times as we globally navigate through the current COVID-19 pandemic. The way we work and play is under attack by an invisible invader that threatens our society as we know it. Global news media experts suggest the key to re-engaging in some semblance of normalcy and enabling our communities to go back to work is widespread, rapid testing. 

As healthcare professionals race to create reliable testing produced at scale for the masses, they also require independent applications for medical professionals undergoing the live testing and accessing their results. 

Scaling up quickly for widespread point-of-care testing 

As part of the new testing requirements, a world-leading provider of quality assurance for pathology laboratories commissioned Trineo to quickly create a set of independent applications to coincide with the launch of widespread testing in Australia within an approximated 6-8 week timeframe. 

Not only did they require medical professional facing applications but also backend applications to capture, protect and transfer test results with synchronized data sets across patients, medical professionals and other global governing bodies in the collaborative effort to understand how the virus is tracking. 

It needed to be accurate, it needed to be simple...and they needed it FAST. 

Enter Trineo Express.

Minimum Valuable Product

Moving at the speed of science, the company anticipated having widely available testing within several weeks' time. Working within a number of constraints, our team approached this challenge with the design philosophy of simplicity and speed, rapidly creating consumer and medical professional user applications with the minimum data requirements. 

In a matter of hours, we were able to provide an initial prototype designed to enable people to easily enroll, enter the necessary data and sync back to the appropriate systems to ensure the right results are recorded and securely sent to the right people. 

As new information and requirements became available, we continued to test and learn whilst building out the appropriate capabilities and ensuring our applications and data systems would be robust enough and ready in time to go live. 

In four weeks time, we were able to deliver: 

  • Consumer-facing application to collect user data using simple design, automation and minimal fields to address acute needs under a time of duress 
  • Healthcare facing application to input results from COVID-19 testing leveraging clear indications of data entry matching and minimi[zs]ing instances of human error
  • Back-end data synchroni[zs]ation and reporting dashboard to connect both applications and provide one source of truth for required stakeholders 
EJ Guren

EJ Guren