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Focused Impact: business as a force for better Biodiversity

Abhinav Keswani March 29, 2021

There are a lot of ways that an organization can be a force for good.

Some might be non-profits that directly focus on impact and change for a specific cause.

Others may serve causes through the use of their time (effort) and money (taken from their profit).

Trineo is the latter. Over the years, we have supported many causes, been involved in a voluntary capacity, done pro-bono work, done heavily discounted work, and simply just donated time, money and goods to those in need.

As someone said to me the other day, “Trineo has always been a B Corp, now you’ve got the badge.” Kind words and I think they are true. That said, being a B Corp brings a degree of rigor and discipline that we haven’t necessarily had in the past, and this is a potent evolutionary step for us.

Now that we’ve achieved B Corp certification status, we’ve aligned on a dedicated theme and defined a manner by which Trineo can make a focused impact during our next fiscal year (FY22) beginning in April. 

Nature plays a role in economics.

We know there are organisations out there who are making huge progress in very specific ways that positively impact our planet. 

Some examples are:

  • highly efficient renewable energy production
  • highly effective energy storage
  • reducing and altering energy usage, through highly efficient systems and devices
  • developing highly efficient reusability techniques
  • developing cleaner means of production, with decreased waste products

All of these initiatives seek a foothold amongst long established approaches that have a strong place in terms of how commerce works today. There is a general shift taking place, as massive commercial concerns are increasingly paying serious attention to the detrimental effect of unsustainable conduct on their longevity. 

Put simply, with ever reducing resources to produce goods, with tighter boundary conditions in supply chains and with a forecasted drastic change in consumer behavior, the commercial reality of needing to act is now apparent to “mainstream” heavyweights. This is no longer a grass roots, hippie fringe effort … as it has been largely perceived. The imperative to change business models and conduct is becoming very clear.

Making better decisions for our natural resources.  

Do our natural “resources” have a monetary value? People are working hard to form a framework that puts a value on nature that is measurable and is akin to carbon credits and aims to go further: it’s meant to protect and grow natural resources, rather than consume them. There is a lot of effort being put into our ability to efficiently achieve “carbon removal” as opposed to just offset usage.

Here’s an example. If vast tracts of forest are the lungs of the earth, then unless we stop deforestation, we’ll lose the ability to breathe. Here’s another example. If we use deforested land to grow a limited set of crops and animals, we amplify the effect of deforestation by destroying the soil upon which we raise monocultures.

The reality is that we need to feed ourselves, to use steel (coal consumption) and humans will keep using, consuming and devouring until depletion … unless we find more efficient ways to serve our needs. We need to be smart about this. If Walmart can change its ways steadily, so too will other influential businesses follow. When the opportunity comes, we want to be a part of these changes.

In parallel, we need to preserve that which keeps the world in balance and enables us to live and thrive. This is a concern about longevity and there is a commercial imperative here and yes, I’m a tree hugging hippie and I’m happiest sleeping under the stars, and I want future generations to enjoy a beautiful planet as many generations have before them.

Announcing The Seva Grant.

Today, Trineo does not directly build any products that fall into the categories listed above. We are compelled to address the imbalance by other means and really gravitate towards the idea where we can use our skills together with our money to help. 

This is why we are dedicated to making an impact on biodiversity and are very pleased to announce The Seva Grant. At Trineo, we call our commitment to our community and planet Seva. Seva, pronounced “say va”, is the sanskrit word for service, and formally it means, “selfless service”

The Seva Grant is an application-based program designed to support businesses building a better future using biodiversity. Businesses accepted to the program will gain access to Trineo funds and expertise to create software solutions that boost their success and impact on people and the planet. Whether an organisation needs help to develop a digital strategy, or to better manage community relationships with a CRM, or to create a custom application or data pipeline, we have the expertise and desire to help.

Biodiversity is a really broad ranging term. Essentially, the idea is that if we can protect the vastly complex interactions in natural ecosystems, then this forms the foundation upon which we can sustainably exist and evolve without wiping out the one planet we have. Want to see an example of how a biodiversity initiative can coexist beside mass scale farming? Watch this.

Sprouting this April. 

Becoming a B Corp has been a natural progression for Trineo and a more public recognition of joining a community of responsible leaders worldwide who are using their influence and doing business for good. 

The Seva Grant, sprouting this April, is our next step to bringing more businesses along on that journey to serve our people and our planet. We'll make a formal announcement when applications are open, and you can learn more about our Impact at Trineo here


You can read more about the application process here and use this form to submit your biodiversity focused project today! 

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav has methodically honed his experience on multi-tiered technology solutions for a wide range of organizations. He always seeks out business value and enjoys bringing a complete perspective to collaboration with our clients. You can also find him on an MTB trail or climbing at the crag.