I want to work at Trineo

At Trineo, we work closely with our clients to fully modernise their customer and employee applications. We delve deep and strive for the best possible solution; tackling system integration and data brokering, API development, and highly specific requirements.

Our projects come to life with agile delivery, continuous integration, test driven development, consistent peer review and pair programming. We’re known for our ability to ship valuable work into production in complex and challenging environments.

Is Trineo the right place for you?

Trineo is and will always be a small team, growing slowly and deliberately. We're not looking for gurus, rock stars or ninjas. We're interested in working with level headed people who operate with a sense of confidence, humility and humour.

Our values are more than words, they are principles that underwrite our day-to-day work.

If you do not see a role on our Careers page that is a fit for you, this listing is a place for you to register your interest in joining our team. We’ll ask you some questions in the application form that will help us understand what you would like to do and then if a role comes up that is suitable, we’ll be able to reach out to see if you’re interested.

Roles at Trineo

Our work is in two streams - Salesforce and Bespoke. To present a complete service offering to our clients, we have senior advisory, delivery management, agile business analysis, UX and engineering team members.

We have a team with a variety of skills at different levels. Above all else, we look for people who will be the best fit, and add to our team and culture.

Our Technology & Methodology

Our technical requirements may vary by project and role, but here’s an idea of the basics we’d expect you to know, and preferably have experience with:

For Agile BAs, Solution Analysts and Delivery Leads -

  • Agile methodology (specifically Scrum and Kanban)
  • Agile ceremonies (backlog grooming, sprint planning, stand ups and retros)
  • Interpersonal skills to engage team members, clients and stakeholders, and communicate business expectations to the development team
  • Identifying and managing product requirements
  • Salesforce Delivery Leads and Solution Analysts need deep knowledge of the Salesforce platform including its capabilities and limitations

For UX -

  • Modern design tools (such as Sketch, Abstract, Zeplin and InVision)
  • Consultative approach to design (with stakeholders and product owners, both internal and external to Trineo)
  • Communicating complex interaction concepts clearly and persuasively across different audiences, and influencing decisions based on user-centric design principles.

For Salesforce engineers -

  • Lightning, Apex, Visualforce, ES7 Javascript and HTML development and testing
  • System API integration using Rest and Platform Events
  • If you don’t have Salesforce experience but have a solid foundation in Java, C# or similar language we are happy to cross-train the right candidate.

For Bespoke engineers -

  • API development (we often use Rails and Postgres for this, sometimes other things)
  • Front-end development (we mostly use React)
  • The appropriate testing frameworks for a given technology, and how to use them well
  • Service-Oriented and Monolithic architectures (and when to use which)
  • Identity Management (Authentication and Authorisation)
  • A thorough understanding of security principles, common exploits and an interest in recent advisories and corresponding mitigation strategies.