SpotU Targeted Ad Engine

13 million targeted ads served per week.


A cloud based advertising system developed by Trineo that inserts targeted ads into HTML and PDF itineraries based on customer profiles. The system delivers 13 million requests a week at the time of writing and is easily scalable beyond this thanks to Heroku cloud based infrastructure. Airlines can report on their passengers using a custom built “MyPassenger” dashboard and build out campaigns and targeting rules.  The system is being used by Jetstar and Virgin Australia.  More airlines & booking related businesses are interested in the SpotU platform.


Trineo works with SpotU in an ongoing agile manner, working through feature requests based on priority and budget. We initially launched using a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach.

The Tech

// Sinatra // Ruby on Rails // Javascript // HTML // CSS // RedisToGo //HerokuPostgres

We built a Heroku hosted Ruby on Rails campaign manager, and a high volume decision engine that establishes the appropriate campaign to serve based on passenger details sent in real time when a passenger views their HTML or PDF itinerary. The latter is a Sinatra/Ruby/Redis app that heavily leverages set theory to make decisions.  

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