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Commencing with work on the UK Olympic mobile initiative, our current feature release sees the commercialisation of the Westfield mobile web site through the delivery of product shopping/payment functionality. As a result of our performance, Westfield entrusts their entire mobile web backlog to us & we’re a key member of the mobile feature team.

The Approach

For a period of 5 months, we have worked on the Westfield mobile site with their global marketing teams and digital business teams. Our team aligns with the Westfield agile practice, working remotely and onsite through sprint cycles.  We were quickly recognised for our skill, and have development/architectural control over the mobile codebase and story backlog.

The Tech

The Westfield mobile site is a mixture of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We also worked on the core Westfield web codebase using Ruby and Rails. Quality assurance is provided using test driven development processes.


Solution Architecture, mobile feature team consultation, test driven development using Ruby On Rails, Javascript and HTML/CSS.


“Trineo provided a highly skilled team of experts to work closely with our in-house delivery team on a critical project. Their ability to deliver outstanding quality, work with our internal processes, communicate reliably and contribute to our team dynamic was crucial to getting the great results that we have ended up with. I can thoroughly recommend Trineo’s services, and look forward to working with them again soon.”

David Bolton, Executive Development Manager.

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